HATCH Q&A with Tyrone Tangata-Makiri of No Six


Tyrone Tangata-Makiri of No Six says that since enrolling into Hatch he’s learned that business is just an idea and what matters is execution- which Hatch has helped him and his team with immensely. He hopes more young Pasifika will look to Hatch as a viable option if not for the support they’ll get from PBT, then for the exposure to experts and coaches and the experience of being in a cohort.


Read more about Tyrone’s HATCH journey in his Q&A.


Tyrone Tangata-Makiri




Cook Island/Māori

Business Name

No Six

How long have you been in business?

1 year

How did you get into business / come up with your business idea?

One of our members made a space for young people who were interested in creating media. After many months of gathering, we realised we could utilise our skills to help create content for people in need. We were approached by a local organisation to create content and we realised that our skills and experience were of value.

Why did you apply to take part in HATCH?

We applied to take part in Hatch because we had no experience in Business. We were learning what we could from people and online content but we saw that Pacific Business Trust was offering opportunities which we could not find at the time.

Have you had an AH-HA moment during HATCH / what was it?

Many. One of the most valuable moments has been the constant reinforcement of knowing your value. It’s a key ingredient to realising the potential of our business and us personally.

What is your favourite HATCH masterclass?

There were so many great masterclasses but the standout for me personally was in Morag McCoy and Paul Thompsons class around leadership.

Who is the most inspirational person you have met while on your HATCH journey?

From a life perspective, it is David Tua as I love sports and hearing about his journey and being able to ask questions. It was a great experience. From a business perspective, it would have to be Mike Carden and learning about business, his storytelling and how he built his company.

Name three things you need to get you through the day:

1: Computer / Smart Device
2: Water
3: Task List

What is the best piece of HATCH advice you have received so far?

Knowing your value!

Why do you think other Pacific Youth should apply for the HATCH programme?

Yes because of the support you get from PBT, the exposure to experts and coaches and the experience of being in a cohort.

What words of advice do you have for future HATCH participants?

Be giving and ASK. We haven’t maximized our opportunity but I believe you need to come in with the mind-set of adding value and asking for what you need.

What has been your most memorable HATCH experience?

The first week talking about our idea and having honest conversations and feedback from with Kim Tuaine (PBT CEO) about business viability. Until then, we never had any honest and informative feedback from anyone about what we’re doing. To be told what areas we need to improve from the outset has definitely made us stronger.

How do you brainstorm?

Writing on paper, whiteboard and on google draw.

Do you have any HATCH words of wisdom?

Know your value. Know your customer. Know the problem you are trying to solve.

What is something you have learned about your business since taking part in HATCH?

That our business is just an idea and what matters is execution. Through executing, I have learnt the importance of people, culture, strategy and systems. Learning how interconnected everything is and how adaptive you need to be to make a business. Also, never thought about going global but can now see the need and reason for applying our energy towards scaling worldwide.

What is something that has changed for you on your HATCH journey?

I think if anything it’s been validating going through Hatch. I made the jump from work to jump into this life of entrepreneurship and I knew it was going to be a roller coaster but I was determined to make this happen. Being a part of Hatch has made me realise even more that your desire will determine your journey. I feel I have a lot to learn which is great but I feel I have greater foundation in terms of business and myself which I could not have learnt without going through Hatch.

What is your goal at the end of your 3-year HATCH journey?

To reach our business goals, learn as much as I can with the resources available and be in a better place financially.

How has your business benefited from taking part in the HATCH programme?

A lot more clarity around what we do and where we want to go. Also, I believe it helped all the members of our team build confidence in the business and ourselves.

What is your daily HATCH motivation?

I will die one day and so will my loved ones. Why waste my time doing something I don’t love?

Who inspires you?

My partner and my family.

Where do you work best when it comes to your business?

At home in my own space, where I’m able to think and do.

Describe what HATCH means to you in 3 words.

Growing Young Pacific (Leaders)










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