HATCH Q&A with Hannah Teipo of No Six


For Hannah Teipo of No Six, HATCH is an awesome opportunity to grow your business with people already in the know. “If you want to learn business from both a uniquely Pasifika perspective and a broader world-view, apply for HATCH. Business schools will not account for collective values, family obligations and giving back to your people. If you want to make a change AND learn about money, go to HATCH.” Read about her #HATCHJourney below and click apply start your own!


Read more about Hannah’s HATCH journey in her Q&A.


Hannah Teipo




Cook Island/ Nagamese

Business Name

No Six Ltd

How long have you been in business?

Under 1 year

How did you get into business / come up with your business idea?

Somewhat by accident. There was a call for creatives in our community to meet weekly at a creative hub. I went along and collaborated on a few projects with my now-business partners. We slowly identified the value in what we do as a team, so we decided to turn it into a business!

Why did you apply to take part in HATCH?

We were welcomed into HATCH late, but saw it as an awesome opportunity to grow our business with people already in the know.

Have you had an AH-HA moment during HATCH / what was it?

We have definitely gained a better sense of self-worth and can identify the need for our service/product in the marketplace. It was something we just all loved to do, so putting a monetary value on it was hard. However, now that we have the knowledge, we’re able to not only fund what we love to do, but do it in a way that enables others to do the same.

What is your favourite HATCH masterclass?

My favourite HATCH Masterclass was the one on governance with Michael Moynihan (chair of Creative NZ).

Who is the most inspirational person you’ve met while on your HATCH journey?

In all honesty the whole Pacific business trust team. The love and support they have given us is immeasurable.

Kim T – Gets sh!t done, BOSS, Mana vaine, has the best hugs, best at calling out anything. Kim has taught me how to stand my ground. Her mana is inspiring to me, especially as an emerging female Pasifika entrepreneur. She challenges everything that I have been taught or conditioned to think of myself, as a Pasifika woman. I don’t think it was a mistake that I met her. Kim is one of the only reasons I believed that I could stick out this business stuff for so long.

Tim S – Biggest heart, AF of doom, man of wisdom, grace and love. Tim has been such a huge support in all of this. He is a backbone of Hatch and usually is the one who gives us a reassuring nod and hug after Kim gives us the #realtalk. Tim is our safe space and comfort, but will still tell us what’s up, but in the most gracious way possible lol.

Eseta – HEART OF GOLD. Quiet yet can move mountains, biggest advocate for Pasifika youth. I have been blessed to meet Eseta. Eseta is a force to be reckoned with, yet is one of the most humble people I know. She has been the backbone to this whole programme. Although we didn’t see her much, her hard-work hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are lucky she has helped get this off the ground!

Name three things you need to get you through the day:

1: Food
2: Food
3: Sleep

What is the best piece of HATCH advice you have received so far?

KNOW YOUR WORTH! Be unapologetic about what you have to offer the business world. And wanting to make lots of money is not a bad thing!

Why do you think other Pacific Youth should apply for the HATCH programme?

If you want to learn business, go to business school. If you want to learn business from a uniquely Pasifika perspective and world-view apply for HATCH. Business schools will not account for collective values, family obligations and giving back to your people. If you want to make a change AND money go to HATCH.

What words of advice do you have for future HATCH participants?

Throw all that you thought about business out the window. Once you’re in it all, logic goes out the window. When it comes down to it, it is a matter of how passionate you are about your business idea, how much you are willing to sacrifice to get it off the ground and how hungry you are for the opportunities that are out there for you.

What has been your most memorable HATCH experience?

The PBT awards was such a highlight. To be in a room filled with other Pasifika people doing what we are striving to do was empowering! It is amazing the influence of being able to see people like you chasing their business aspirations.

How do you brainstorm?

WHITE BOARD and lots of inky multi-coloured (not budget) whiteboard markers. My ‘go-to’ used to be POST-It notes, and lots of them. But I’m trying to help the environment!

Do you have any HATCH words of wisdom?

Instead of going to university, start a business and try keep it afloat for a year. You’ll learn more in the process than you ever will in 3 years of university.

What is something you have learned about your business since taking part in HATCH?

There is a real need for our business in the marketplace. We have many advantages that we hold as young Pasifika youth that we never thought would be advantageous in the business world. Sometimes the things that you deem as your downfalls may actually be your strengths – if you try looking through a different lens.

What is something that has changed for you on your HATCH journey?

My self-confidence has definitely improved. Coming into it, I didn’t really believe we could do as well as we have so far.

What is your goal at the end of your 3-year HATCH journey?

Solidify the connections we have already made. Start another business. Help other Pasifika people realise their potential by doing my thing. Seeing is believing.

How has your business benefited from taking part in the HATCH programme?

We’ve had some pretty massive opportunities since going through HATCH. I think the support role has been the most beneficial, being able to use our HATCH cohort and tuakana to bounce ideas off and seek validation.

What is your daily HATCH motivation?

Trying to smash it, so potentially, other Pasifika people believe they can do it as well. CHANGING MINDSETS.

Who inspires you?

My parents. They worked like slaves to give me the opportunities that I have today and I really hope the next generation don’t follow suit, because the opportunities out in the world, and our potential, is worth more than a life of 9-5 just to survive.

Where do you work best when it comes to your business?

Not at home, lol. I liked the HATCH office space because it was still chill, but away from my bed, which is usually the black hole of non-productivity. Everyone around you is working, too, so indirectly IT prompts you to get stuff done.

Describe what HATCH means to you in 3 words.

Life-changing opportunity






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