HATCH Q&A with Angel Stowers of Kokiti Limited


Angel Stowers of Kokiti Limited (Pictured: Left) says the best piece of HATCH advice that’s stuck with her is ‘to not see every low point and failure as a negative, but to see it as the first step to success’. It has been a driver in pushing her and her business partners to think of different ways to better develop Kokiti with the help of PBT. She wants other young Pacific entrepreneurs to also take the opportunity and enrol into the HATCH programme to pursue their own potential to flourish in business.


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Angel Stowers




Samoan / European

Business Name

Kokiti Limited

How long have you been in business?

1 year

How did you get into business / come up with your business idea?

Kokiti Ltd was founded when we were a part of the Young Enterprise Scheme. Each of us as founders were of Pacific Island descent and had faced similar issues growing up, whether it concerned our culture, family, duty or the realities of living between two worlds as second generation New Zealand Pacific Islanders. Kokiti was founded under the premise that we wanted to help the next generation face identity questions head-on and be proud of their heritage, no matter their race. Kokiti’s clear purpose is to help the next generation while sustaining the essential pieces of our cultures.

Why did you apply to take part in HATCH?

Because we had to create and develop this idea with the help of another organisation last year, we ourselves were not ready to take it on ourselves. Hatch allowed us to come in contact with so many different people from different business areas providing us with the opportunity to successfully move forward in the direction that is not only sustainable, but ethical and practical.

Have you had an AH-HA moment during HATCH / what was it?

We’ve had so many moments, especially in the first 100 days during our master classes. A lot of these moments had to do with the internal operations of our business and thanks to that, we have developed into the business we are today.

What is your favourite HATCH masterclass?

Human Resources with Jason Ennor.

Name three things you need to get you through the day:

1: Family
2: Music
3: Flavoured Water

What is the best piece of HATCH advice you have received so far?

To not see every low point and failure as a negative, but to see it as the first step to success. This in particular has stuck with me because I sometimes always see a low point as a barrier to carry on, but seeing it as a positive only makes me work harder to start the journey of getting the business back on track and at its most productive point again.

Why do you think other Pacific Youth should apply for the HATCH programme?

There are endless opportunities to put yourself in situations that challenge you for the better, develop skills in different areas as well as business, and don’t limit yourself.

What words of advice do you have for future HATCH participants?

To utilise contacts. It is important to always use the contacts that you have been given or made. A simple catch up, check in or update email every now and then can be super helpful.

What has been your most memorable HATCH experience?

Events that involved all the Hatch teams including the weekly catch ups. It helps a lot when you have a problem you want to solve, a situation you want advice with or just have a good laugh and chat over food.

How do you brainstorm?

With 10 different coloured vivids, food and Annabelle (my business partner). We like to just scribble random ideas down, maybe draw a few pictures then once the fun and colourful part’s over, we like to go back and really focus on the points we feel are priorities and are realistic for us to push forward with.

Do you have any HATCH words of wisdom?

Ask questions, attend the master classes, make mistakes and have fun. It’s not easy being in the start-up phase but know you’ll always have a support team, like PBT, backing you all the way. Take every lesson and opportunity as it comes and have fun.

What is something you have learned about your business since taking part in HATCH?

Timing is literally everything. It is super important to make sure you manage your time, making sure you have a good balance of work and ‘you’ time.

What is your goal at the end of your 3-year HATCH journey?

To have Kokiti fully established and self-run, and to have built long term business relationships/connections

How has your business benefited from taking part in the HATCH programme?

They have provided us with the opportunity to think bigger and grow with other youth in business. Hatch gave us a safe environment to express our thoughts and ideas to turn it into reality.

What is your daily HATCH motivation?

My daily Hatch motivation would have to be to help our youth learn more about their culture at a young age so they can share their knowledge with others.

Who inspires you?

Pasifika women in business.

Where do you work best when it comes to your business?

Most definitely the PBT offices. The open workspace and super friendly environment helps with creating innovative ideas that leave you excited for future upcoming projects and tasks.

Describe what HATCH means to you in 3 words.

Family, Love, Support





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