HATCH Q&A with Ana Saulala, founder of Gift One


Ana Saulala, founder of Gift One (GO), wants more Pacific youth to take advantage of the opportunity the Hatch Youth Programme provides. With a mind to establish a sustainable business that can run after she’s moved on, Ana knows the Hatch programme can provide the support group you need to keep striving to reach your goals.


Read more about Ana’s HATCH journey in her Q&A.


Ana Saulala





Business Name


How long have you been in business?

7 months

How did you get into business / come up with your business idea?

I studied Commerce with the intention to better understand how the real world worked. I was later introduced to entrepreneurship and it changed the way I thought about business. As a result of my new mind-set, I became motivated by a desire to solve problems and build businesses as solutions to the problems or needs I observed.

Why did you apply to take part in HATCH?

I needed a programme to keep me accountable as I started my business.

Have you had an AH-HA moment during HATCH / what was it?

Yes! During my 100-Day Review Presentation. My business solves multiple problems and the business model I should be focused on was different to what I initially started with.

What is your favourite HATCH masterclass?

Strategic Planning with Mike Cardon.

Who is the most inspirational person you have met while on your HATCH journey?

Richard Taurima. He is my business coach that I got through the Hatch programme.

Name three things you need to get you through the day:

1: Prayer
2: Scripture-study
3: Good sleep

What is the best piece of HATCH advice you have received so far?

Stay focused!

Why do you think other Pacific Youth should apply for the HATCH programme?

If you feel like you don’t have the right people to support you, the Hatch programme can provide that support group you need to keep striving to reach your goals.

What words of advice do you have for future HATCH participants?

Take advantage of every opportunity that will come through Hatch. Anything worth pursuing will always take hard work!

What has been your most memorable HATCH experience?

The first day of Hatch! I felt really comfortable and appreciative of the people that were there.

How do you brainstorm?

I like to write on a white board or a large piece of paper with different coloured pens.

Do you have any HATCH words of wisdom?

Expect to grow personally! You’re there for your business, but the personal growth you will experience will be great too!

What is something you have learned about your business since taking part in HATCH?

My business has the potential to solve multiple problems.

What is something that has changed for you on your HATCH journey?

My self-confidence.

What is your goal at the end of your 3-year HATCH journey?

Establish a sustainable business and then move onto the next business idea.

How has your business benefited from taking part in the HATCH programme?

Being able to expand my current networks.

What is your daily HATCH motivation?

Pave the way for more young Pacific entrepreneurs.

Who inspires you?

Simon Sinek*. He is a thought leader that focuses on starting with your why.

Where do you work best when it comes to your business?

Pacific Business Trust office.

Describe what HATCH means to you in 3 words.

Support. Connection. Growth.


* Simon Oliver Sinek is a British-American author, motivational speaker and organisational consultant




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