HATCH 2021 Welcomes Pacific Entrepreneurs


This week we welcomed our young talented and creative Pasifika business minds into our HATCH 2021 programme.


There are ideas and businesses in all types of industries such as dance choreography, digital animation, fashion, food, IT, landscaping, literacy, music, sports through to security.


Each of these businesses have an inspiring and creative behind them. One is to use the latest animation technology to capture our cultural stories from our elders and revive traditional storytelling of our Pasifika history. Another is enabling our Pasifika people to enter the workforce through support with CVs and a wardrobe in a sustainable way with recycled clothing.


So far we have explored ‘Design Thinking’, how to take your ideas, and bring them to life in the business world. Just as important is understanding your customer and the value they bring to your business – how to identify your customer, their needs, problems or pain points and deliver a solution.


The cohort are also collaborating using the visual software Miro which allows everyone to engage and interact online.


PBT along with our partners Deloitte are excited to have this opportunity work alongside these entrepreneurs and see their Pacific business ventures grow.


HATCH is PBT’s unique entrepreneurial business programme and helps prepare our young adult Pasifika entrepreneurs for business and on how to operate successfully in today’s world.